The Story of My Lucky Vagina

I'm a lover, a friend, a daughter, a sister and an Auntie. As a woman of nearly fifty years and entering menopause, my body has begun changing. For the first time, I experienced vaginal dryness and tightening up inside my vagina. My partner wasn't able to reach full penetration, as if my vagina had closed. My desire to find a pleasurable personal lubricant that's soothing and super lubricating, as well as healthy to use daily, increased immensely.

I'm a sexy, sensual woman, as are most of us, and I'm not about to lose such an important part of my life. Intimacy, playfulness, sexual intercourse, and orgasms are all necessary for my health and emotional wellbeing.

So I researched; I read; I shopped; and I purchased. I tried lots of products. My emotions ranged from shock, embarrassment, sadness, confusion and frustration, to wow, and ooooo, and oh, and finally YAY!

Where I am now: Of course, I've got more questions..

  • Why do so few women talk about vaginas, vaginal dryness, masturbation, sex, foreplay?
  • Why do most products that address vaginal dryness approach it from an impersonal and "medicinal" perspective?
  • Why do so many of the personal lubricants available contain ingredients that irritate the skin inside my vagina or aren't good for me?

And, a few answers too..

After a great deal of searching, talking to friends, friends searching and sharing links and studies and blogs, and so on, I eventually stumbled onto a handful of sites filled with women and men talking about the wonders of Coconut Oil and Vitamin E. I figured, what the heck, why not give it a try. After all of the chemicals I'd been trying (up my vagina no less) that I couldn't even pronounce, why not try something I (or my partner) can eat? Something 100% organic, all-natural, nothing added - something even my vegan friends would approve of! So I began my love affair with Coconut Oil and Vitamin E.

Coconut Oil is not only a great slippery lubricant:

  • It helps maintain proper pH in my vagina
  • It helps prevent yeast infections
  • It's a great, healthy, daily moisturizer
  • It's easy to insert as it's a solid at less than 76° F

Vitamin E is widely-recommended for vaginal dryness:

  • It helps repair damaged skin cells
  • It promotes skin cell moisture
  • It can significantly improve the symptoms of vaginal atrophy
  • It can significantly improve vaginal moisture

Get Lucky Candies have reversed all my symptoms of vaginal dryness!

I have my sex life back. I can now have intercourse and reach full penetration, comfortably and pleasurably. Coconut Oil feels, smells and tastes great. Coconut Oil is edible, encourages foreplay and enhances pleasure. Coconut Oil is a healthy moisturizer and a great base for creating my own Get Lucky Candies (mini vaginal suppositories made from Coconut Oil and Vitamin E).

With Coconut Oil, it has been love at first smell, touch, feel, and play!

Get Lucky!
Get Lucky!